SolarWinds® Log & Event Manager – SIEM made simple & affordable

SolarWinds Log & Event Manager provides the TOP 5 MUST HAVE reports:

1. Authentication – failures and suspicious logons

2. Security alerts – summary of high priority events from firewalls, IDS/IPS, servers and network devices.

3. Changes to – users and groups, and devices and device policy

4. All of the activities – of a particular user

5. Web access – excessive hits to blocked URLs or attempts to download malware

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WHAT IF you could show your manager exactly how secure your IT environment is? 
WHAT IF you could show exactly how you are detecting potential security problems?

Say goodbye to the WHAT IFs and say hello to SolarWinds Log & Event ManagerLEM includes over 700 security rules and over 300 reports that will make your job easier!

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Monitoring User Logon Actions