Top 5 Reasons to Choose SolarWinds Log & Event Manager over Splunk:

  • In-Memory Correlation
  • Automated Responses
  • USB Defense
  • Easy Installation
  • Node-Based Licensing 

LEM does real-time in-memory correlation, Splunk doesn't

With Splunk, you need to wait until data has been indexed and written to the database prior to any analysis. LEM performs in-memory event correlation allowing you to analyze millions of events across your infrastructure in real time. This is important not only when you want to use log files for forensics and compliance, but also when you want to provide automated responses to anomalous behavior the SIEM detects.
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LEM provides automated responses, Splunk doesn't.

Splunk requires that the user manually respond to actions and incidents.  LEM includes a library of built-in active responses that allow it to automatically respond to anomalous behavior and security incidents.  For example, upon seeing multiple attempted failed logins from multiple IP addresses, LEM can disable the account.
The capability to take proactive measures to improve security without human involvement is critical, as many customers do not have legions of security professionals on staff. If an incident occurs in the middle of the night, most customers would prefer the software to take immediate action. In addition, the definition of an incident is easily customized, as is the automated response to take with LEM.
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LEM protects against USB abuse, Splunk doesn't.

LEM protects against endpoint data loss and malware with a built-in USB defender technology that tracks unauthorized USB activity and can take immediate action if a security threat is detected.  A typical use case is that if a USB is inserted into a sensitive group of endpoints, LEM will disable the USB, preventing both data loss and the introduction of malicious code.  It appears that Splunk does not offer this feature.
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LEM has a do-it-yourself virtual appliance deployment model, Splunk may require assistance. 

Splunk offers “Splunk Professional Services” to deliver deployment and advisory services, which may be required based upon your configuration needs.  SolarWinds takes a different approach, allowing customers to be up and running quickly using a virtual appliance deployment model, easy-to-use Web based console, and an intuitive interface.  Almost all LEM customers take advantage of a free 30-day trial prior to purchase and find out quickly that it truly is easy to deploy themselves, rather than going back to management and asking for professional services dollars to get going.
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LEM does node-based licensing, Splunk licenses based on log data. 

LEM node-based licensing lets you pay only for what you monitor, and not how much log data is generated. Splunks licenses based on log data indexed/generated. Potential risk of exceeding your limit and paying more. 
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